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ServicesRough Carpentry and Finish Carpentry

Creativity and craftsmanship come together to provide everything imaginable from custom detailed cabinetry and reception desks to accent pieces, unique trim, grand staircases and more.

Rough Carpentry and Finish Carpentry Application

Lakeside Experience

Working side-by-side with the construction manager or general contractor, our rough framing carpenters construct buildings that meet building codes and design specifications. They are committed to safety, efficiency, and quality when laying out interior and exterior walls. Rough framing is the foundation for carpenter work and we pride ourselves in employing the best carpenters in our area.

Our finish carpenters exceed customer expectations with excellent attention to detail. They are exact in their measurements, cuts, and installation. They study decorative cuts, design, and are well versed in wood, stains, and varnishes so finishes are impressive and meet customer expectations.

With an in-house cabinetry / millwork shop, we can provide almost any custom detail the Architect/Owner is looking for. Lakeside has completed several custom reception desks and accent pieces for clients such as Notre Dame Academy, Welltower Inc., and The Toledo Clinic.

Other finish carpentry includes Exterior AZEK trims & decking; Interior Custom Wood & Rubber Bases/Trims; Toilet Partitions/Accessories; Doors & Hardware; Rigid Wall Coverings; Bumper guards; Handrails; Acoustical Wall Panels

Rough Carpentry and Finish Carpentry Application


  • New construction builds and renovations

Best For

  • Rough work for wood and steel construction including: setting studs, joists, trusses; wall, roof, and flooring assembly and construction; framing
  • Finish work including: crown molding, trim work around doors and windows, baseboards, stairs, wainscoting, paneling, built-ins, and flooring

Relevant Certifications and Licenses

  • Apprenticeship completion and 16 hours of on the job training
  • Lakeside workers follow all industry and manufacturer standards for installation for rough work and framing as well as finishes and custom work

Products Installed Include:

  • Fire rated wall systems including partitions:
    UL Rating, Insulation – Thermafiber,
    Firespray, Hilti, 3M FireDam™, SIT Firestop
  • Smoke Wall Systems
  • Sound Wall Systems
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) –
    When working in healthcare construction
    and renovation, we install temporary walls
    to prevent dust and other contaminants
    from spreading.