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ServicesCeramic and Marble

We are your local commercial interior contractor expert for ceramic and marble floor and wall installation. 

Ceramic and Marble Application

Lakeside Experience

Our team will not only install wall and floor tiles but will also recommend the best tile designs for your space that will also meet your budget. While most tiles are easy to clean, different tiles work better in different spaces. The Lakeside experts will determine the best look and finishes to complement your needed function.

Our expert tile installers are able to lay standard tile floors and finishes for any space. In addition, when an owner requests a distinct tile finish, our installers have the expertise to install delicate, specialty tiles to make your space unique and functional.

Ceramic and Marble Application


  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Backsplashes

Best For

  • Areas requiring durability and easily clean up; added decorative value and visual interest

Relevant Certifications and Licenses

  • INSTALL – International Standards & Training Alliance (Floorcovering Professionals)
  • INSTALL certification sets Lakeside apart and allows us to bid on INSTALL specified projects. INSTALL is the industry’s most endorsed and specified training program. It distinguishes our flooring installers as having the skills and expertise to work with all types of flooring. INSTALL’s comprehensive training keeps flooring installers up to date on industry standards, techniques, and challenges that guarantees a superior end product, no matter the project difficulty. Lakeside is listed as an INSTALL Contractor
  • Lakeside workers follow all industry and manufacturer standards for installation