Proficient at applying new, state of the art drywall materials using cutting edge techniques to save customers time and money. Drywall is also commonly called sheetrock, wallboard, gypsum board and plasterboard.


Walls, Ceilings, Finishes

  • Drywall is applied to create arched openings and ceilings, tray and recessed ceilings, accent shelving, angles, and half walls 

Best For:

Function, Aesthetics, Spacing

Lakeside Experience:

As a leading finishing contractor, our drywall installers and finishers exceed customer expectations with their ability to work efficiently and neatly. We will ensure that no matter the layout of the room or ceilings, our commercial contracting work is completed professionally. The Lakeside team expertly measures and hangs large drywall panels to minimize drywall seams. Our finishing crew hangs drywall to rough framing with nails and screws, and utilizes drywall anchors and tape as well as a finishing adhesive to secure drywall and minimize nail pops. A final step to finishing drywall is to carefully apply several coats of joint compound, also commonly called drywall mud, and to apply a skim coat that smooths any rough areas. Once these steps are completed, our painting team is ready to prime, texture and paint. Our customers rely on our finishing contracting team for their drywall expertise and all their hanging and installing drywall projects. 

The Lakeside drywall finishing and contracting team can also patch and repair drywall. Any damage to drywall and corners including dents, dings, nail pops, and holes can be fixed. We will determine if the area can be patched or if new drywall needs to be hung. We will finish and texture the wall for a seamless repair.

Cutting Edge Technology For Drywall Installation:

Lakeside prides itself on utilizing cutting edge technology for drywall installation and finishing. We have a Grabber PanelMax Milling Machine that uses CNC technology to create outside and inside corners by milling out the gypsum material and leaving the paper product, thus eliminating the need for additional drywall tape & mud materials. This not only saves time on the project, it also brings down the drywall cost by not having an extra step in the overall process. 

Product Types: 

  • Mold resistant drywall – Commonly called Green drywall
  • Moisture & water resistant drywall- Often called purple drywall, it resists moisture, mold, & mildew as well as scratches, scuffs, and dents 
  • Fire resistant drywall – Known as Fireboard or Type X, this drywall is not fireproof but is thicker and has glass fibers mixed with the gypsum, thus resulting in a higher fire resistance than traditional drywall.  NOTE: All drywall is manufactured to be fire resistant but Type X has a higher resistance than traditional drywall
  • Lead lined drywall – Used in x-ray and radiation rooms (hospitals, dentist, healthcare)   
  • Sound absorbing drywall – Constructed in layers, sound dampening drywall reduces noise transference between rooms 

Relevant Certifications and Licenses:

  • Lakeside workers follow all industry and manufacturer standards for commercial drywall installation and finish work 

Products Installed Include:

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  • *We do not complete projects for home owners. We are your commercial interior and exterior contractor for businesses, industries, companies, facilities, etc.


Educational Facility Upgrade

BGSU Summer Slam 2015 called for intensive timing and simultaneous renovations of four key campus buildings.

Campus Residence Facility Project

This Lodge is WellTower’s “Home away from Home” for clients and employees. 16 Bedroom facility with full kitchen, bar, and lounge areas.

High School Rebuild Project

Lakeside was pleased to provide labor and materials to help get the Lake High School and Community back to normality after a tornado demolished part of the school.


Stroh Center Gymnasium Project

Installation of iconic Bowling Green University gymnasium flooring and artwork.

Founded in 1989, Lakeside Interior Contractors has become a highly regarded, multi-disciplined interior and exterior finish contractor recognized for delivering superior quality and exceptional attention to service. Our company has developed a standard of expertise in project management, value engineering and the development of motivated workforce teams focused on customer satisfaction. We place a strong emphasis on conforming to the exact specifications of the client which has helped us grow to employ approximately 200 skilled craftsmen who are trained and continuously educated to work efficiently and safely.