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Excellent Solutions Inspire Educational Excellence 

Lakeside specializes in working on multi-use populated buildings. The special needs of school buildings offers an excellent opportunity for Lakeside to use our expertise in all mediums.

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Reasons to Use Lakeside Interior Contractors for Your School, Education or University Project:

We know schedules!

Appreciating the steady use and limited down time of academic buildings, Lakeside employs our excellent scheduling capabilities to keep our team moving quickly and out of the way. Working on school breaks or weekends is not uncommon when we are assigned to a project that needs to accommodate the academic schedule.

We excel at constructing specialty use rooms

The unique needs of school buildings tap into our desire to combine our creativity with highly-functional environments. Gymnasiums, science labs, auditoriums, cafeterias, locker rooms, classrooms, administration and office areas and entryways are examples of unique areas that we build well.

We understand the importance of staying on budget

We know what it takes to work on a school budget and the nuances of billing. Keeping the many stakeholders and community informed for successful outcomes is just a small part of our overall project planning process.

Unique Attributes

  • Dense Population In Each Room
  • Specialty Rooms
  • Time Constraints


  • Public And Parochial Schools
  • Universities
  • Learning Centers
  • Daycare Centers
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