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Our management team is just a small part of who we are. Lakeside Interior Contractors consists of almost 200 skilled union craftsmen and women who are trained in the latest techniques and safety expectations so they can confidently exceed clients expectations with our interior and exterior finish work.

Joined Lakeside in 2000 and became President in 2018.

Mike leads the Lakeside team, overseeing all projects while ensuring community and client relationships remain strong.

Previously, he was a salesman at an interior distribution company.

Mike Mayo

(419) 931-0225

With Lakeside since 1993 and became Vice President of Sales in 2007.

Randy started at as a tradesman and built his skill set to assist in sales. Now, Randy oversees all sales efforts for Lakeside.

Vast knowledge in field operations, paints, coatings and application techniques.

Randy Deniston

Vice President of Sales
(419) 931-0204

Started with Lakeside in 2001.

Matt grew to his current role as Vice President of Marketing and Sales in 2018. Prior to this, he was an estimator and senior project manager, focusing on painting.

He came to us from a local general contractor where he was a project engineer.

Matt Homier

Vice President of Marketing and Sales
(419) 931-0208

Since joining Lakeside in 2010, John has handled estimating, scheduling and managing projects. He also plays an important role in our sales efforts.

For 10 years prior to Lakeside, John worked at a local drywall contractor.

John Broadway

Vice President of Estimating
(419) 931-0207

Brint started with Lakeside in 2021 and as Treasurer, he oversees accounting and financial operations.

His knowledge and accounting strategies, as well as his past experience working with business owners, are appreciated by team members and Lakeside associates.

Brint Mitchell

(419) 867-1300

Started with Lakeside in 2010.

In his current role, Peter focuses on estimating and managing projects.

Peter Karrick

Estimator/Project Manager
(419) 931-0228

Since 2008, Mike has been working at Lakeside focusing on sales, estimating, and project management.

His current role is built on his 18 years of experience in a similar role at a local flooring contractor.

Mike McAuley

(419) 931-0198

Dave’s role at Lakeside started in 1993 where his focus is on estimating and project management, specializing in painting, wallcovering, and epoxy floor finishes.

Dave has previous experience as a painter and foreman as well as internationally representing labor and management in the painting/wallcovering industry.

Dave Stvartak

Project Manager/Estimator
(419) 867-1300

New to the Lakeside team in 2020, Robbie coordinates and schedules material, equipment, teams, and subcontractors, with a focus on job safety.

With a degree in Construction Management from BGSU, he has previous experience in project management and estimation.

Robbie Moser

Estimator/Project Manager
(419) 931-0227

Alex started as a carpenter with Lakeside in December 2015 and quickly moved to foreman.

As a Project Manager, he will coordinate current and future project aspects including resources, materials, and personnel.

Alex Pool

Project Manager
(419) 262-0471‬

Scott has been with Lakeside since 1998 and moved from field painter to foreman and into his current position as a project manager.

His experience in the field has provided a foundation for his current role organizing manpower, monitoring progress, controlling resources for projects, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Scott Walterreit

Project Manager
(419) 467-1140

Since joining Lakeside in 2005, Adam has moved into the role of project manager, organizing manpower and overseeing materials and resources.

With 18 years of carpentry experience and graduation from UBC’s Superintendent Career Training program, Adam uses his experience in building systems to implement best practices for Lakeside.

Adam Michalski

Safety Director/Project Manager
(419) 490-4753

Joined Lakeside in 2013, concentrating on sales and estimating in the flooring department.

Prior to his role at Lakeside, Jeff worked in floor coverings both nationally and locally.

Jeff Sopher

Flooring Estimator
(419) 931-0215

Joining the team in 2017, Kim uses her talents in payroll, accounting, human resources, and assisting the safety director.

Her previous experience was overseeing accounts receivable for a local marketing and promotions company.

Kim Hoover

Payroll/HR Specialist
(419) 931-0196

Joined Lakeside in 2001 to support the treasurer and handle accounts receivable.

Michelle’s experience includes technical writing and helping companies establish hardware and software support centers.

Michelle Scherer

Assistant Treasurer
(419) 931-0195

Since her start with Lakeside in 2018, Megan has helped in accounting by ensuring bills are paid and proper records are kept.

Prior to her current role, Megan worked in accounts payable for a local marketing and promotions company.

Megan Morrison

Accounts Payable
(419) 931-0197