Lakeside specializes in working on office environments. While our interior and exterior expertise brings us projects that require significant creativity and special use, we also study how employees use their office space and the brand image of the company we are building for. These elements play a large role in creating useful and unique spaces for an efficient and rewarding business.

3 Reasons Your Office Project Needs Special Experience:

  1. Timing – When you renovate or build an office, every minute of downtime is a minute that a business isn’t generating revenue. We know how to plan and execute on projects to optimize the time to use and get our clients back in business.
  2. Experience – At Lakeside, we built our own offices. We know the value of the attention to detail and bring this to every job we do. We have a flair for making exceptional reception areas that set the tone for your visitor’s experience. But, more than that, we construct and finish conference rooms, break rooms, and offices that are also testament to the work accomplished in the building. We use construction design to support the brand.
  3. Safety – We know safety is the key to success for our team as well as our clients. Keeping the team safe keeps the project moving forward. Our experience in commercial environments ensures we have the knowledge to create a safe plan for progress.

Unique Attributes:

Workflow, spacing, lighting, custom reception desks


Banks/credit unions, churches, major corporations, grocery stores, gas stations, state & government facilities, car dealerships, casinos


Hollywood Casino, Busch’s Grocery Stores, Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., Owens Corning, Dana, First Solar, 5/3 Bank, PNC Bank, Buckeye Broadband, KeyBank, Byrider, Yark Automotive Group, Cornerstone Church, Calvary Church, Holy Trinity Church 

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