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Start Your Career With Lakeside Today

lakeside interior apprenticeship

Lakeside Interior Contractors is proud to offer a variety of apprenticeships for those wanting to earn generous wages while learning a trade skill. Our apprenticeship program is free to the student and allows them to work with experienced journeymen and learn from seasoned instructors. 

Lakeside employees, Amberlee Hunsaker and Connor Sopher, can attest to the benefits their apprenticeship training and education has given them, including excellent wages, chances to travel, yearly raises, earned college credits, and opportunities to advance within Lakeside. 

Amberlee and Connor both enjoy working with their hands and are grateful to Lakeside and the apprenticeship program for giving them a better life and exposing them to different projects and job sites. If you are like Amberlee and Connor and want to finish the day proud of the work you’ve completed while also earning a generous income, contact Lakeside today to start your skilled trades career and apprenticeship. 
Watch this video to hear more of their story! And if you or someone you know is interested in a career in the trades, reach out to us here.