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Lakeside is your leading commercial interior and exterior contractor in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We have the ability to contribute labor and materials to many aspects to a project. Beginning with the skeleton of the building, whether it be metal or wood stud framing, Lakeside has the carpenters to complete the scope in a timely manner. Lakeside uses building codes from MasterFormat to help define our capabilities.

From the skeleton of the building, Lakeside then can lend a hand in the spray and/or batt insulation, then right into the interior drywall and exterior sheathing. Depending on the type of exterior finishes selected, Lakeside can help out with the Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS), certified in both Dryvit and StoCorp.

Once the interior is boarded, Lakeside then has the crew to tape & finish the board to whatever level finish the Architect or Owner is asking for.

From here, the finishes are endless: Paint, Vinyl/Fabric Wall Coverings, Rigid Wall Coverings w/ Bumper guards/rails; Ceramic Tile; Floor Tile; Rubber Flooring; Carpet; VCT; trimmed out with rubber wall base, decorative or standard.

And finally, let’s not forget about the ceilings. Whether the client wants to leave them exposed, Lakeside puts a finishing touch on the structural steel, decking, ductwork, and piping with a fresh coat of paint. Or they decide they want a standard acoustical ceiling with various drywall bulkhead accents. Other ceiling ideas include drywall or acoustical clouds.

When it comes to a building finishes, if you can see it, you can bet Lakeside can install it! As a leading commercial interior and exterior contractor, we have several certifications from our suppliers supporting this fact!