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St. Joseph Hospital

Highlighting our flexible and capable workforce, this update project was accomplished over a weekend to ensure it was operational for the week.

Remove the existing rubber flooring in all 17 Operating Rooms and install Nora Norament XP rubber tile with integral base and welded seams in a three-color pattern to match the previously installed flooring. The project entailed updating the medical equipment, lighting, and flooring in all 17 Operating Rooms, one at a time, consecutively. Each of the Operating Rooms had a very tight schedule and had to be completed before the next Operating Room could be shut down. The installation of the new flooring had to be completed over a weekend so the finished room could be put back in service first thing Monday morning, and allow the next room to be shut down.

Project Location:
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lakeside Project Manager:
Adam Michalski

Project Start and End Date:
1/2019 - 12/2020

Project Square Footage:

Project Description: