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Highlights > Committed to the Mental Health and Safety of ALL Construction Workers

Committed to the Mental Health and Safety of ALL Construction Workers

Mike Mayo and others attend the 2Tuff 2Talk event

With more construction workers dying from suicide than work related injuries each year, Lakeside is proud to support 2 Tuff 2 Talk and their efforts in preventing suicide and improving mental health among construction workers in Northwest Ohio.

2 Tuff 2 Talk exists to help construction workers and their families navigate mental health issues through education and a boots-on-the-ground approach. Initiatives including mentorship, advocacy, and education for contractors and workers play a significant role in raising awareness and suicide prevention.

Recently, Lakeside sponsored 2 Tuff 2 Talk’s summer fundraiser, “Clash of the Contractors.” The event brought together a multitude of companies, organizations, union contractors, industry partners, and trades workers for a day of fun, food, and friendly competition.

Lakeside is committed to talking to their employees about mental health, and we are grateful to have a non-profit organization in NW Ohio that is focused on mental health awareness and suicide prevention for union construction workers.

For anyone needing immediate help, please call the Suicide & Crisis Line at #988 or call #911 for an emergency.

And for anyone needing specific mental health information, check out 2 Tuff 2 Talk’s website and to learn more about 2 Tuff 2 Talk and the assistance they provide, visit their website.