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Burnished Concrete Floors

Burnished concrete is an excellent surface finish option for commercial or residential concrete floors because of its durability, easy maintenance, and unique look. Burnished concrete flooring can also be a more economical option than other flooring types.

Burnished concrete is achieved through a process that uses a high-speed mechanical burnisher spinning at high rpms to heat, buff, and melt a chemical coating into the concrete surface pores. Although these may have a similar look, burnished concrete is not the same as polished concrete. Because polished concrete is achieved by mechanically grinding, honing, and buffing/polishing using abrasives, and then applying a chemical hardener to the surface.

Achieving a great-looking burnished concrete finish for your floor requires that concrete slabs be poured precisely and finished properly – and you can count on the expert concrete installers at Lakeside to do it right.

Properly installed, sealed and maintained burnished concrete floors are very durable and hard-wearing, ensuring a long life-span even in high traffic areas. Burnished concrete floors are also water resistant.

For a new building or remodeling project, burnished concrete floors are an excellent alternative to covering a floor with carpet, epoxy, or other materials. So it’s no wonder that architects, developers, builders, and homeowners are taking a closer look at burnished concrete flooring as a worthy alternative that’s sure to last for years to come.

Remember, while polished and burnished concrete may appear to have similarities, they are very different – yet are both among the many alternative flooring and concrete finish options available today. Contact Lakeside Interior Contractors to learn more about concrete flooring.

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