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Highlights > “Safety First” Has Never Had More Meaning

“Safety First” Has Never Had More Meaning

Rapid COVID-19 Changes

Considering our work is inherently dangerous, Lakeside Interior Contractors was not surprised by the safety and infection control mandates brought on by COVID-19. Our employees are constantly adhering to safe practices and willing to comply with safety protocols as they are introduced and altered. What was surprising however, was the speed at which changes were released and required to be made. 

Typically, government regulations take months or even years to develop, giving construction leaders and teams plenty of time to prepare for and implement new safety requirements. However with COVID-19, health and safety policies were literally developed overnight, and with a speed never before seen, new mandates were being released. 

The New Normal 

For months, Lakeside teams have been studying COVID-19 and the global response, with specific research on construction companies and guidelines. When the pandemic hit locally, we were ready to respond to the mandates. To keep our job sites open and operational, we quickly developed a specific COVID-19 job site audit form, and all changes regarding compliance were communicated to both office and field employees via remote meetings.   

We have embraced and implemented new health and hygiene measures. We have purchased dozens of portable hand wash stations that will be a permanent fixture on all jobs going forward. In addition, many of our employees depend on personal protective equipment (PPE) for their work and we have found multiple sources to stock this equipment. 

Supporting RestartOhio, Our Customers, and Our Community

More than ever we are collaborating with other contractors, industry groups, and union partners to keep our employees and customers safe. Realizing new spaces and buildings will be designed differently and existing spaces need to be modified, we are evaluating our scope of work to comply with local, state, and federal COVID-19 requirements. We have custom solutions available that will protect individuals: 

  • Lobby sneeze guards
  • Drive thru windows
  • Movable partitions and walls
  • Folding doors and modified windows
  • Isolation areas

We have all had to adapt and Lakeside is extremely proud of our safety teams’ efforts. Every Lakeside employee takes health and safety seriously. Our temperature check protocols have quickly become a part of our culture, with our workers monitoring their daily temperatures on the weekends and their days off. We are diligently respecting our work, our customers, and the community as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 changes.